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Dieser Bereich bietet ein tieferes Verständis und Troubleshooting für ausgewählte wissenschaftliche Methoden.




Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Protocol using Proteinase K Based Antigen Retrieval

Immunohistochemistry protocol for formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissues using Proteinase K based antigen retrieval. It describes sample preparation as well as the immunostaining procedure with different recommended detection systems.

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Standard Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Protocol

The protocol described is the Atlas Antibodies standard immunohistochemistry protocol optimized for Triple A Polyclonals and PrecisA Monoclonals. It includes sample preparation, staining procedure and recommended reagents.

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How to Choose Membrane Protein Isolation Kits

Plasma membrane (PM) proteins play a critical role in a variety of physiological and pathological processes.  Signal transduction, molecular transport and cell-cell interactions are all mediated by PM proteinsPM proteins include a variety of important proteins such as neurotransmitter receptors, G-proteins i.a.

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In vivo magnetofection

The main problems currently associated with systemic gene vector administration (gene therapy) include biodistribution of gene vector throughout the body, the lack of specificity towards a pathological site (bioavailability at the target site), the necessity of a large dose to achieve high local concentration, non-specific toxicity, inactivation of vectors due to undesired interactions with components of the in vivo milieu and other side effects due to high vector doses. Magnetofection™ resolves these problems.

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SpheroTechnical Notes #8 - Calibration and Performance Tracking of Flow Cytometer Using SPHERO™ Calibration Particles

The SPHERO™ Calibration Particles are versatile, stable, economical and convenient to use. These particles contain a mixture of fluorochrome which are spectrally similar to many of the fluorochromes used in flow cytometry. As a result, they are used for routine alignment, day-to-day performance verification and long term performance tracking of several channels of flow cytometers in one run.

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