Cell IDx specializes in state of the art immunohistochemistry reagents developing highly sensitive and specific UltraPlex multiplex immunohistochemistry reagents as well as IHC optimized anti-species-HRP Ultrapolymer secondary antibodies optimized for use on the autostainer or manual staining, and a full range of CellPalette chromogens and ancillary IHC reagents. In addition, our range of antibody labeling kits are rapid and yield high quality optimized product. 
Cell IDx's UltraPlex platform barcoding technology has enabled the generation of UltraPlex fluorescent and chromogenic multiplex immunohistochemistry panels, providing simultaneous detection of multiple markers in tissue sections and allowing analysis of sub-populations of cells “in situ” in the context of tissue morphology. Multiplex staining is achieved in virtually the same time it takes to perform a single marker stain, enabling truly rapid tissue phenotyping on a large scale. 
Beside, Cell IDx offers full-service IHC staining, imaging and analysis services through their Path IDx CRO.


Cell IDx Brochure Technologies & ProductsProduct Range:

- UltraPlex™ Multiplex Chromogenic IHC
- UltraPlex™ mxIF Fluorescent
- UltraPolymer™ HRP Detection
- UltraTag™ Multiplex Labeling Kits
- Antibody Labeling Kits
- Custom Panel Development
- Path IDx Service: Staining, Imaging & Analysis

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