Founded in 1995, Covalab is a biotechnology company specialized in antibody engineering. Covalab has been providing quality antibodies, assay kits, and custom services for more than 25 years.
Directed against specific targets or dedicated to common use (such as detection and isotype or loading control), you can find the product you need for all laboratory techniques (ELISA, WB, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry...).
In order to always be closer to you, we also keep developing a wide range of immunological products, such as ELISA, ELISpot and Fluorospot kits as well as associated reagents, proteins, peptides and biological or chemical compounds at very attractive prices.


Product Range: 

  • Antibodies :  primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, tags & controls
  • Proteins, peptides
  • Kits and reagents : ECL, Fluorescent labelling kits, ELISA/ELISPot kits, Purification kits

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