COVID-19 Saliva Rapid Test

Spit instead of smear

The new German COVID-19 test strategy includes free rapid tests for all citizens, as promised by federal health minister Jens Spahn (02/2021). This offer includes our new BfArM accredited COVID-19 saliva test.

Our BIOZOL COVID-19 saliva test depicts an easier to use alternative to our established qPCR tests and rapid antigen tests.

Standard COVID-19 testing in Germany is performed with nasopharyngeal swabs - at high risk of infection for the physician taking the sample. However, there is study-based evidence that saliva samples of positively tested patients have even higher concentrations of SARS-CoV-2 than nasopharyngeal swabs (Wyllie et al.).

We are pleased to refer, with permission, to the commentary by Prof. Dr. med. dent. Georg Gaßmann about our COVID-19 spit test.

Our COVID-19 saliva test is a chromatographic antigen rapid test for saliva samples - easy to use and easy to interprete!


Features of the BIOZOL COVID-19 Saliva test (BZL-COV-2C25B-25):

- No more swabs in the throat or nose: just spit in a tube!
- SARS-CoV-2 antigen test CE-IVD*
- reliable detection: 90,6% sensitivity
- bfarm accredition: AT102/21

- From only 4.76 € / test with our graduated discount offer!
- now available from Eching near Munich


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Tuesday,26th of January (translated from the German)

"finally! Biological common sense has won! It was clear to every biologically thinking person from the outset that in a virus-infected person the viruses can be detected not only martially on the back of the throat or by super unpleasant nasal swabbing, but if there can also be found reliably in the bacterially and virally communicating saliva and of course also in the sulcus fluid (Gupta, S., Mohindra, R., Chauhan, P. K., Singla, V., Goyal, K., Sahni, V., Gaur, R., Verma, D. K., Ghosh, A., Soni, R. K., Suri, V., Bhalla, A., & Singh, M. P.. (2021). SARS-CoV-2 detection in gingival crevicular fluid. Journal of dental research, 100(2), 187-193."

Prof. Dr. med. dent. Georg Gaßmann
Professur für Dentalhygiene und Präventionsmanagement
Studiengangsleitung Dentalhygiene und Präventionsmanagement
Fachzahnarzt für Parodontologie (ZÄKWL)
DG PARO-Spezialist für Parodontologie®
E U | F H
Campus Köln
Europäische Fachhochschule Rhein/Erft GmbH


* Diagnostic product for professional use. NO SALE TO PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS!



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