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BioVision's Purification Kits

BioVision offers numerous Virus Purification Kits for the fast and efficient purification of either recombinant virus from transfected cell culture supernatants or from infected samples in 30-60 min. Traditionally, the recombinant virus particles are purified from the cellular proteins and media components by ultra-centrifugation using CsCl. However, the ultracentrifugation procedure is time consuming and is limited to the amount of cell lysate to be processed. BioVision's Virus Purification Kits are simple, easy to use and efficient with high recovery. The purification is either based on column purification or magnetic nanoparticles. The purified virus can be used for multiple downstream applications including PCR, Western blot, ELISA, transfections etc.


Key Features:

  • Ready-To-Use Reagents
  • Simple, Quick, Easy and Convenient
  • High Recovery, High Yield, Highly Purified Virus Particles
  • Does Not Need Ultracentrifugation
  • Purified virus can be used for multiple downstream applications such as PCR, Western blot, ELISA, transfections etc.
  • Each column can be regenerated for purifying the same virus


Figure: Granzyme B expressing Baculovirus were precipitated using PEG Virus Precipitation Kit  (Cat. No. BIV-K904).  The activity of Granzyme B was measured using (Cat.No. BIV-K168).




Check out BioVision’s Virus Purification Kits:

Art.Nr. Product description
BIV-K1303 Adeno-associated Virus Maxi Purification Kit
BIV-K1311 Adeno-associated Virus Maxi Purification Kit, all serotypes
BIV-K1302 Adeno-associated Virus Mini Purification Kit
BIV-K1304 Adeno-associated Virus Mini Purification Kit, all serotypes
BIV-K1301 Adenovirus Maxi Purification Kit
BIV-K1300 Adenovirus Mini Purification Kit
BIV-K1459 Adenovirus Purification Kit
BIV-K1310 HCV Maxi Purification Kit
BIV-K1309 HCV Mini Purification Kit
BIV-K1458 Lentivirus and Retrovirus Purification Kit
BIV-K1306 Lentivirus Maxi Purification Kit
BIV-K1305 Lentivirus Mini Purification Kit
BIV-K904 PEG Virus Precipitation Kit
BIV-K1308 Retrovirus Maxi Purification Kit
BIV-K1307 Retrovirus Mini Purification Kit


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