The Importance of External Quality Controls (QC)

Live Webinar from Zeptometrix

Our partner ZeptoMetrix® is the industry leader for innovative solutions to challenges in the evolving Infectious Disease and Oncology market. Their reputation for product quality, reliability, and trusted technical knowledge provides assurance that enables industry to develop and advance diagnostics technologies. Join Zeptometrix' live webinar to learn more about the importance of external quality controls (QC).




Webinar: The Importance of External Quality Controls (QC) in Laboratory Quality Management Systems (QMS)


Molecular diagnostics has quickly become one of the leading global technologies for infectious disease testing. As such, the focus on quality in this sector continues to increase significantly as clinicians and physicians rely on the results generated from these tests for accurate patient diagnoses and treatments. The field is constantly evolving to meet the demands of infectious disease testing, but the rapid pace of innovation and regulations regarding quality control can make it difficult for a laboratory to choose a quality control scheme to follow.

Multiple regulatory bodies have weighed in on good laboratory and quality practices. Perhaps most notably and widely accepted the ISO 15189 standard on medical laboratories which cover requirements for quality and competence. This webinar will elucidate the current relevant considerations for including quality controls as a part of a laboratory Quality Management System (QMS).

Learning Objectives:
•    Identify the different options available for quality controls in molecular diagnostics
•    Describe the pros and cons for various quality control options in the context of the laboratory
•    Understand the advantages of third party controls

Speaker: Jessica Van Allen PhD, Lead Technical Support Specialist at ZeptoMetrix®

Date and Time: Friday, September 22, 2023, 2:00 PM (CEST)

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