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SuperKine West Chemiluminescent Substrate

Abbkine Scientific is a manufacturer of innovative, high-quality and affordable experimental kits, proteins, antibodies and other research tools for scientists in the field of proteomics and cytology.

The SuperKine™ West Pico PLUS Chemiluminescent Substrate for Western Blots developed by Abbkine is based on the innovative optimization of the classic peroxidase substrate system. It is used for enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) and can directly replace other expensive ECL products without the need to renew optimized experimental conditions.


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Art. Nr. Product List Prize Special Price
ASC-BMU101-EN SuperKine(TM) West Pico PLUS Chemiluminescent Substrate, 100 ml 103.- € 51.50 €
ASC-BMU102-EN SuperKine(TM) West Femto Maximum Sensitivity Substrate, 100 ml 121.- € 60.50 €
ASC-BMU103-EN SuperKine(TM) Enhanced Antibody Dilution Buffer, 100 ml 103.- € 51.50 €
ASC-KTD101-EN Universal Loading Control Antibody Cocktail, 1 Kit 173.- € 86.50 €


Please quote offer number Abbkine-WB-2021 on your order. Orders without offer number cannot be discounted. Offer is valid for end customers only and cannot be combined with any other offers or special conditions. Valid until 30.09.2021.


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