Introductory offer

JB ELITE Electrophoresis products

With our new JB ELITE Agarose Tablets, it's easier than ever to prepare an Agarose gel!

Take advantage of our introductory offer, and test our Agarose Tablets and the new Magnite Green DNA stain with 30% discount on our list prizes. In addition, the discount now applies to our JB ELITE protein and DNA ladders, too.
Please mention the quote BZL-ELITE30-2019 on your order. Orders without a quote cannot be processed. The offer can not be combined with other promotions or special conditions. Valid until 31.12.2019.

> Agarose Tablets, 100 Pcs., Art.-Nr. BZL-JB-E-AG-100
> 2-in-1 Agarose Tablets, 100 Pcs., Art.-Nr. BZL-JB-E-2in1-100
> 3-in-1 TAE Agarose Tablets, 75 Pcs., Art.-Nr. BZL-JB-E-3in1-TAE
> 3-in-1 TBE Agarose Tablets, 75 Pcs., Art.-Nr. BZL-JB-E-3in1-TBE
> Magnite Green DNA stain, 1 ml, Art.-Nr. BZL-JB-E-MGS-100

> Prestained Protein Ladder, 2 x 0.25 ml, BZL-JB-EPL-500
> Prestained Protein Ladder, 10 x 0.25 ml, BZL-JB-EPL-2500
> 100bp DNA Ladder, 100 µl, BZL-JB-E-100BP-100
> 100bp DNA Ladder, 500 µl, BZL-JB-E-100BP-500
> 100bp DNA Ladder, 5 x 500 µl, BZL-JB-E-100BP-2500
> 1kb DNA Ladder, 100 µl, BZL-JB-E-1KB-100
> 1kb DNA Ladder, 500 µl, BZL-JB-E-1KB-500
> 1kb DNA Ladder, 5 x 500 µl, BZL-JB-E-1KB-2500

Further information on the Agarose Tablets & Magnite Green


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