Trident Membrane Protein Extraction Kit

Catalog Number: GTX16373
Article Name: Trident Membrane Protein Extraction Kit
Biozol Catalog Number: GTX16373
Supplier Catalog Number: GTX16373
Alternative Catalog Number: GTX16373-5,GTX16373-20
Manufacturer: GeneTex
Category: Kits/Assays
Application: ip, wb, elisa
Trident Membrane protein extraction kit is for rapid extraction of native total membrane proteins from cultured mammalian cells or tissues. Simple and user friendlyWide range of starting cells (1 - 50 millions / sample) Deterg
Application Notes: 1. Read the entire protocol carefully. <br />2. Before experiment, thaw buffer A or/and buffer B completely, invert the bottles a few times and keep them on ice. Place the filter cartridges in collection tubs, and pre-chill on ice. Pre-chill PBS on ice.
HepG2 cells were lysed and extracted by GTX16373 Plasma Membrane Protein Extraction kit.
When following the protocol, cell extracts would be isolated into cytosolic and total membrane.
The fractions were then assayed by Western Blot analysis, membrane was blotted with a plasma membrane protein- Na/K ATPase antibody (subcellular marker), a nucleolar small nuclear ribonucleoprotein- Fibrillarin antibody (GTX113684, subcellular marker) and beta Catenin antibody (GTX101435, internal control).
WCE : whole cell extract
CE : cytosolic extract
ME: total membrane extract
NE: nuclear extract