NF-κB-Antibodies for Immunology

The NF-κB family of transcription factors (TFs) is involved in a plethora of cellular processes that include immune and inflammatory responses. Dysregulation of normal NF-κB signaling can result in autoimmune disorders and malignancies. Mammalian cells contain five different NF-κB members: p65/RelA, RelB, c-Rel, p105/p50 (NF-κB1), and p100/p52 (NF-κB2). These TFs act as dimers and, following activation (or release from inhibition), they move from the cytoplasm to the nucleus to engage binding elements in target gene promoters.

Our valued supplier GeneTex offers an extensive catalog of antibody reagents for the study of the different NF-κB family members, each of them knockout-validated, many of them citation-supported.

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