Nanobody Detection

Anti-VHH Antibodies from Jackson ImmunoResearch

Single-domain antibodies, VHH antibodies or "nanobodies" are antibody fragments consisting of a single, monomeric, variable domain. Single-domain antibodies are as specific as regular antibodies, while smaller in size and easier to transform into bacterial cells, what makes them interesting for research applications as well as for potential therapeutical use.

Jackson ImmunoResearch, your reliable source for high-quality secondary antibodies, just launched a new family of products for VHH discovery and application: Anti-Alpaca IgG, Subclass and VHH domain secondary antibodies.

Anti-Alpaca Secondary Antibodies for VHH Discovery::

  • Detection of single domain antibodies across all immunotechniques
  • Expedition and enhancement of the development of high affinity VHH antibodies
  • Production of an amplified signal compared to anti-tag antibodies

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