JB ELITE Agarose Tablets

Gel preparation - easier than ever!

Save your time and effort with our range of unique, JB Elite Agarose Tablets:

  • Prepare your gel in minutes: all you need is water (3-in-1 tablets) or running buffer (2-in-1 and agarose tablets)
  • Ready-to-Use tablet format: No messy weighing and im-proved gel-to-gel reproducibility
  • Ultrapure Agarose: High resolution of DNA fragment with low background

> Agarose Tablets, 100 Pcs., Art.-Nr. BZL-JB-E-AG-100
> 2-in-1 Agarose Tablets, 100 Pcs., Art.-Nr. BZL-JB-E-2in1-100
> 3-in-1 TAE Agarose Tablets, 75 Pcs., Art.-Nr. BZL-JB-E-3in1-TAE
> 3-in-1 TBE Agarose Tablets, 75 Pcs., Art.-Nr. BZL-JB-E-3in1-TBE

With the new JB Magnite Green DNA stain we are able to offer you a nucleic acid stain that can be used as a safer alternative to the traditional Ethidium bromide stain. It is as sensitive as Ethidium bromide and can be used in exactly the same way for gel electrophoresis (agarose, formaldehyde and polyacrylamide gels).

> Magnite Green DNA stain, 1 ml, Art.-Nr. BZL-JB-E-MGS-100

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