New-Partner: Jellagen

3D Scaffolds from marine collagen

Our new partner Jellagen®, an innovative marine biotechnology company, develops new innovative manufacturing processes and products using collagen derived from jellyfish to provide a next generation collagen biomaterial. The product range comprises research grade jellyfish collagen, collagen-coated plates, collagen hydrogels, and new: 3D scaffolds for cell culture.

Jellagen® are delighted to introduce their new Jellyfish Collagen 3D Scaffolds. Thanks to their new 3D Scaffolds, you can now culture your cells in a way that mimics 3D living organisms.

Further benefits:

  • Innovative disease-free alternative to mammalian reagents
  • Batch-to-batch consistency
  • Compatible with all existing cell culture protocols
  • Sequence homology to collagen type I, II & V
  • Uniform pore size
  • Manufactured according to ISO13485

You want to test Jellyfish Collagen in your own lab? Join the free trial programme!

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