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ABM pipette bundle pack for €299.-

Did you know, that BIOZOL provides you with not only quality antibodies and reagents from selected suppliers worldwide? We also serve with equipment for your every day needs in the research lab: the usual high quality at attractive prices.
Our supplier ABM's 4 pipette bundle pack for example only costs you 299,- €, without compromises regarding the price.

ABM 4 pipette bundle pack (Art.-Nr. ABM-B254)

  • Comfortable and lightweight to reduce hand strain
  • Volumes 0,1-2 μl / 2-20 μl / 20-200 μl / 100-1000 μl - with colour-coded labeling system
  • Easy calibration without the need of special tools
  • Able to pipette liquids of varying densities
  • Best price: 4 pipettes for €299.-

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