Vector ImmPRESS IHC Detection

Now evaluated on automated staining platforms!

Vector Laboratories ImmPRESS Polymer Kits use a proprietary conjugation chemistry that integrates purified secondary antibody with highly reactive enzyme to enable one step immunohistochemistry (IHC) detection. This approach delivers more enzyme at the target site and generates higher sensitivity over other systems, especially when combined with Vector® ImmPACT® substrates.

Research labs and core facilities with high IHC work volumes are increasingly evaluating automated staining systems to help augment their processes and reduce labor commitments. In response to customer requests, Vector Laboratories conducted studies to evaluate the suitability of our ImmPRESS HRP polymer reagent, ImmPACT® DAB substrate and associated IHC accessory components on three commercially available automated staining platforms:

  • Agilent/Dako Autostainer Plus
  • Leica Bond Rx
  • Ventana Discovery Ultra

On all three systems comparable or better results could be obtained then with the vendor recommended reagents. Protocols used on each system along with the corresponding staining results are provided in the Vector Application Note ImmPRESS 2018.

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If you wish to test the ImmPRESS reagents on an automated staining platform, our product managers are pleased to advise.

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