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10 for 10 - RNA binding proteins

GeneTex Antibody Samples

GeneTex offers 20 research focus antibodies, changing every second month, at a special price for testing. January/February 2019: antibodies against RNA binding proteins. In addition the offer is valid for 30 new GeneTex antibodies. Order up to three antibodies (10 µl sample size) from our current sample ...

15% Discount

on custom cloning service

VectorBuilder is the online platform for vector design and custom cloning. With the web-based tool you design your desired vector with just a few mouse clicks, all for free. You can then use VectorBuilders online ordering system to purchase the custom cloning of your vector. As a BIOZOL customer you recei...

Free Gel Tank

with every 2 RunBlue® Gels

If you now buy two packages Expedeon RunBlue® Gels, you get a gel tank for free. Please mention the quote EXP-GELTANK2019 on your order. The order can not be combined with other promotions or special conditions. Valid while stocks last. Further informations: Expedeon in our BIOZOL webshop

20% on EasyBlot

GeneTex' Western Blot Reagents

Until 31st March 2019 we grant you 20% discount on all GeneTex EasyBlot reagents. Please mention the quote GTX-EASYBLOT20 on your order. Orders without a quote cannot be processed. The offer can not be combined with other promotions or special conditions. New customers can once receive an EasyBlot Sampler ...