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Absolute Antibody

The British Company Absolute Antibody Ltd follows the vision that all antibody users should be able to use recombinant antibodies, which are absolutely defined by their amino acid sequence. Rather than creating entirely new antibodies (or antibody-like molecules), Absolute Antibody manufactures existing antibodies (often from hybridomas) in a superior way, improving their usefulness by engineering.

Advantages of using recombinant antibodies:

  • Reproducibility and control: Recombinant antibodies are biologically defined, with a known DNA and protein sequence, which ensures that the identical antibody is produced in each manufacturing batch.
  • Reformatting: Recombinant antibodies can be reformatted to a different species, isotype or subtype.
  • Antibody engineering: Recombinant antibodies can be engineered at the genetic level enabling production of recombinant antibody fragments, e.g. Fab and Fab2, bispecific antibodies, site-specific conjugation of antibodies a.o.
  • Purity: Antibodies are expressed in a chemically defined serum-free mammalian expression system.
  • Non-animal manufacturing



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