Antibodies Inc.

High-quality primary and secondary antibodies

Antibodies Inc.

Antibodies Incorporated was founded in 1962, when antibody-related research was in its nascence, with the aim to service the need for high-quality secondary antibodies. Members of the scientific community themselves, the scientists at Antibodies Incorporated evolved and developed new products in response to the interests of their customers. Antibodies branched out from producing just secondary antibodies to designing its own RIAs through the 70s and early 80s. This led to new thinking on labeling, including a latex bead test, a strep test (which became a key product for the company), and, ultimately, an ELISA test. Antibodies Inc. is ISO13485 certified.

Product Range:

  • Highly-validated Primary Antibodies
  • Affinity-purified Secondary Antibodies from various species
  • In vitro Diagnostic Kits
  • Normal Sera


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