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Chicken IgY antibodies

Aves Labs

Aves Labs was founded in 1995 based on the idea to produce chicken antibodies for highly-conserved mammalian gene targets, neither rabbits nor mice were yielding useful antibodies against. Since that time, Aves Labs has pioneered novel algorithms for finding highly-immunogenic peptide sequences within proteins, developed novel affinity purification methods specific for chicken antibodies, and developed a host of other useful reagents, such as BlokHen® blocking reagent and PrecipHen® immunoprecipitation reagent. Aves Labs' selection of neural markers and epitope tag antibodies are ideal for performing Western Blots, ELISAs, Immunoprecipitation, and Immunohistochemistry(IHC) or Immunocytochemistry(ICC).

Product Range:

  • Neuronal cell markers
  • Epitope Tag, 6XHIS, Beta-Gal, Actin and GFP Antibodies
  • Glial and Schwann cell markers
  • Secondary antibodies
  • Immunoprecipitation reagents
  • Blocking reagents
  • Neuromabs



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