Immunoassays for Research and Diagnostics


The Biomedica, based in Vienna (Austria), for over thirty years develops quality proved immunoassays for research and medical diagnostics with a focus on cardiology, nephrology and bone metabolism. The production is ISO-certified.

Diagnostic Immunoassays:

  • Bone metabolism: DKK-1, free sRANKL, Ampli-sRANKL, cathepsin K osteoprotegerin
  • Cardiovascular: Endothelin, endothelin Big, proANP, BNP fragment, NT-proCNP
  • Oxidative stress and atherosclerosis: oLAB, oxLDL, OxyStat, matrix Gla Protein
  • Nephrology and Transplantation: Polyclonal anti-human C4d antibody, FGF23, OPG, Sclerostin, Endostatin
  • Diagnosis of Borrelia infections: Borrelia IgG & IgM ELISA Kits

EZ4U cell proliferation and cytotoxicity Assay

Glycan profiling analysis service:
Analysis of glycosylation patterns on cell surfaces, proteins, antibodies, Biopharmaceuticals and Biosimilars using lectin microarrays


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