Reagents and Equipment for Cytogenetics


The Italien company EuroClone provides the whole package for cytogenetics: reagents and materials for chromosome preparation and for in situ hybridization, as well as the matching hardware.

Chromosome kits & Synchroset:

  • Chromosome analysis of lymphocytes and bone marrow
  • Chromosome preparation with high yields from mitotic cells

Amniomed & Amniodish:

  • Media and Petri dishes for amniocyte culture

Hardware for cytogenetics:

  • Optichrome and Quickchrome: optimized chromosome analysis and preparation
  • Hychrome: innovative system for in situ hybridizations


Other Partners

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About 3500 different ELISA Kits

Zytomed Systems

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EuroCell Diagnostics

Thoroughbred controls for flow cytometry


Immunoassays for Research and Diagnostics

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Quality-proved ELISA kits

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Antibodies for Research and Routine

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Cytogenetics Media and FISH probes