Protein Solutions


Expedeon offers pre-cast acrylamide gels, protein stains, quantitation reagents, purification resins, protein solubilization reagents and nucleic acid amplification and manipulation products. Expedeon is focused on providing high quality, effective, and rapid solutions for genomic research (especially single cell applications) and proteomics research. Innova Biosciences is a part of Expedeon since mid 2018.

Product Range:

  • Instant Blue - One Step gel staining in max. 15 min
  • Bradford Ultra - detergent compatible protein quantitation
  • RunBlue Electrophoresis Products - Pre-Cast gels, buffers, and markers
  • Protein Protection Kits - Based on the NVoy Technology
  • Protein Refolding Kits - Based on the NVoy Technology

Innova Biosciences Portfolio:

  • Antibody Labeling Kits
  • Rapid Antibody and Protein Labeling Kits
  • AbSelect Antibody Purification Kits (compatible with Lightning-Link)
  • InnovaCoat® GOLD Nanoparticles & Conjugation Kits
  • AbPure Antibody Purification Kits (compatible with nanoparticles)
  • Immunogen Preparation Kits
  • Specialized Conjugates and Conjugation Kits
  • Secondary detection reagents



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