The Native Antigen Company

World leading infectious disease reagents from the experts

The Native Antigen Company

Founded in 2010 in Oxford, UK, The Native Antigen Company has rapidly become one of the world’s leading suppliers of infectious disease reagents. Their portfolio of reagents continues to expand rapidly, and they are widely acknowledged to be a primary source of reagents and kits for studying emerging diseases. The aim of The Native Antigen Company is to develop cutting edge reagents to enable research into vaccine development and diagnostics, that will ultimately reduce the burden of global infection.

Product Portfolio:

  • Antigens from a range of established and emerging viral, bacterial and protozoal diseases
  • Antibodies for infectious disease targets, including secondary antibodies and isotype controls
  • Immunoassays for Zika Virus: most specific and sensitive available on the market
  • Virus receptors
  • Highly purified bacterial toxins


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