OZ Biosciences

The Art of Transfection

OZ Biosciences

Since 2003, OZ Biosciences creates, develops and produces molecular delivery systems specialized in transfection and transduction tools, for the worldwide scientific community and pharmaceutical industry. OZ Biosciences is focused on delivery technologies of biomolecules such as DNA, RNA and protein for in vitro and in vivo applications.

Product range:

  • Transfection reagents: Magnetofection™ und Lipofection, for DNA, siRNA, mRNA and viral RNA; cell specific for different cell types as Primary cells, various cell lines and 3D transfection
  • Specialized Reagents for virology and stem cell applications
  • Viral and nonviral vectors and transduction reagents
  • Vaccine Adjuvants
  • Nucleic Acids: plasmids (reporter genes), mRNA, siRNA



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