Vector Laboratories

Innovative labeling and detection systems

Vector Laboratories

With 40 years of experience, Vector Laboratories supplies innovative labeling and detection solutions to the scientific community. Vector Labs revolutionized the field of histological staining with development of the versatile and sensitive Biotin-Avidin detection method leading to the VECTASTAIN® ABC family of products. The company provides a wide and growing spectrum of sensitive and consistent reagents for immunohistochemistry and other applications.

Product Range:

  • VECTASTAIN® ABC systems: ABC peroxidase kits, ABC AP-Kits, ABC glucose oxidase kits, Universal Quick kits
  • VECTASHIELD® and VectaMount® mounting media
  • immunological reagents: protein A agarosis, conjugated antibodies
  • multiple antigen labeling
  • Mouse on Mouse (M.O.M.™) kits
  • enzyme substrate and chemiluminescence/fluorescence substrate kits: peroxidase, AP, levamisol, glucose oxidase, DuoLux™, DyLight®, ImmPACT™ Vector® Red
  • VectaFluor™ Excel Amplified Fluorescent Staining System
  • reagents for biotinylation
  • protein labeling kits: ProtOn™ Biotin Labeling Kit, ProtOn™ Fluorescein Labeling Kit
  • reagents for molecular biology: Photoprobe® biotin, FastTag®, UltraSNAP®, blocking kits
  • neoglycoproteins


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