Zymo Research

DNA and RNA purification

Zymo Research

Founded in 1994, Zymo Research started manufacturing DNA/RNA extraction and purification products for E. coli and yeast out of a garage in Orange, California. Today, Zymo Research is a large biotech company with its headquarters based in Irvine, California, and international branches in Germany and China. The company's DNA and RNA extraction kits are used mainly by academic and biopharmaceutical scientists, who need to isolate and purify DNA/RNA from tissue, blood or serum samples. Zymo Research is also known for its epigenetics line of products used in DNA methylation detection and quantitation. Each Zymo Research product is designed to be both simple in use and robust in its performance. The company is ISO-certified.

Product Range:

  • Reagents and kits for DNA Clean-Up, Plasmid DNA & Genomic DNA purification
  • Reagents and kits for RNA Clean-Up and isolation
  • DNA and RNA Ladders and Enzymes
  • Reagents and kits for measuring DNA methylation, DNA hydroxymethylation, and RNA methylation
  • Epigenetic enzymes and reagents
  • Antibodies for Epigenetics
  • NGS library prep kits
  • Chromatin Analysis
  • Sequencing Service
  • High-Throughput / Automated solutions



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