Canine VacciCheck (Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Distemper virus)

Artikelnummer: BIG-50CVV201
Artikelname: Canine VacciCheck (Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Distemper virus)
Artikelnummer: BIG-50CVV201
Hersteller Artikelnummer: 50CVV201
Alternativnummer: BIG-50CVV201
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Canine VacciCheck(R) - Infectious Hepatitis, Parvovirus & Distemper IgG Antibody Test Kit

Discover a world of superior pet protection, with VacciCheck. All the information you need on the only “in-house” titer test  that tests for all 3 core vaccine diseases and compares favorably to Gold Standards.

The Canine VacciCheck Antibody Test Kit is designed to determine dog serum antibody titer to Infectious Canine Hepatitis (ICH), Canine Parvovirus (CPV) and Canine Distemper Virus (CDV). The main purpose of this kit is to provide a useful tool for assessing immunity status of dogs concerning these three pathogens. As such, it can either determine the IgG titer before and following vaccination or the duration of immunity. It is highly recommended to test for these three pathogens titer to ensure puppy protection, check wellness and titer level on annual basis before administering a vaccine.



Infectious Canine Hepatitis (ICH), Canine Parvovirus (CPV) and Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) are recognized as important causes of illness and death in dogs. Puppies are most susceptible to ICH, CPV and CDV, especially after weaning when protective maternally derived antibody (MDA) levels decrease. Sometimes MDA may actually interfere with vaccinations that are given for immunization. In many countries, vaccination programs have significantly curtailed, but not eliminated the incidence of these diseases. Thus, ICH, CPV and CDV continue to be of great clinical concern among veterinarians worldwide and still present a diagnostic challenge.


Test Principle

The ImmunoComb test is a modified ELISA, which can be described as an enzyme labeled "dot assay", that detects antibody levels in serum, plasma or whole blood. The kit contains all the necessary reagents for developing 3 the test. Results for the IgG ICH, CPV and CDV tests are obtained within 23 minutes.


What VacciCheck does (key test indications):

  1. Confirm puppy/kitten immunity following completion of an initial core vaccination course
  2. Manage disease outbreaks in animal shelters by enabling proper immunization
  3. Establish the protection status of newly adopted adult dogs/cats with unknown core vaccination history
  4. Assess adult dog/cat core disease immunity, enabling appropriate booster scheduling



5μL of plasma or serum, or 10μL of blood is used for testing


Canine VacciCheck Performance:


Specificity: 93%               Sensitivity: 94%


Specificity: 100%             Sensitivity: 88%


Specificity: 92%               Sensitivity: 100%


Required skills:

Running the test is easy and does not require specific skills. Either you or your vet technician would be able to perform the test easily.


Kit Components:

  • 1 ImmunoComb card (wrapped in aluminum foil)
  • 1 Developing plate
  • 1 Disposable tweezer
  • 1 Calibrated CombScale
  • 1 Junior fix pipette
  • 15 10 µl universal grad tip
  • Instruction manual
Kit Components: ImmunoComb card (wrapped in aluminum foil), Developing plate, Disposable tweezers, Calibrated CombScale, Junior fix pipette, 10 µl universal grad tip, Instruction manual