Anti-Human WISP-1 - Biotin -

Catalog Number: LEI-W158-50UG
Article Name: Anti-Human WISP-1 - Biotin -
Biozol Catalog Number: LEI-W158-50UG
Supplier Catalog Number: W158-50µg
Alternative Catalog Number: LEI-W158-50UG
Manufacturer: Leinco Technologies
Category: Sonstiges
Application: WB
WNT1 inducible signaling pathway protein 1 (WISP-1), also known as CCN4, is a secreted, heparin-binding glycoprotein belonging to the cysteine-rich CCN family (1-2). WISP-1 is expressed in heart, kidney, lung, pancreas, placenta, ovary, small intestine a