HLA-G and HLA-E Immune Checkpoints Are Widely Expressedin Ewing Sarcoma but Have Limited Functional Impact on theEffector Functions of Antigen-Specific CAR T Cells

Human Immunology, 2021


The non-classical HLA class I molecule HLA-G is expressed in trophoblasts where it contributes to maternal-fetal tolerance. HLA-G has been implicated in the control of trophoblast invasion, uterine vascular remodeling, and maintenance of a local immunosuppressive state. Understanding HLA-G biology at the maternal-fetal interface is therefore a critical issue in reproduction. In this regard, we review here: (i) the effects of HLA-G on decidual leucocytes and stromal cells, (ii) the contribution of trogocytosis in HLA-G expression on decidual cells, (iii) its interaction with the ILT2, ILT4 and KIR2DL4 receptors, (iv) the link between HLA-G polymorphism and pregnancy disorders, and (v) the expression of newly-described HLA-G isoforms at the maternal-fetal interface.

Anti-HLA-G antibody (clone 4H84), HLA-G kit and HLA-G (clone MEM/G9,) manufactured by our partner Exbio are featured in this study.


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