Use of Carbotrace 480 as a Probe for Cellulose and Hydrogel Formation from Defibrillated Microalgae

Gels, 2022


Carbotrace 480 is a commercially available fluorescent optotracer that specifically binds to
cellulose’s glycosidic linkages. Herein, the use of Carbotrace 480 is reported as an analytical tool for
linking cellulose content to hydrogel formation capability in defibrillated celluloses obtained from
proprietary microalgae. Defibrillated celluloses obtained from acid-free hydrothermal microwave
processing at low temperature (160 C) showed poor hydrogel formation attributed to a low cellulose
concentration as evidenced through the lack of Carbotrace fluorescence. High temperature (220 C)
processing afforded reasonable gels commensurate with a higher cellulose loading and stronger
response to Carbotrace.

Carbotrace 480 EBB-C480-100 manufactured by our partner Ebba Biotech is featured in this study.

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