A hybrid open-top light-sheet microscope for versatile multi-scale imaging of cleared tissues

Nature Methods, 2021


Light-sheet microscopy has emerged as the preferred means for high-throughput volumetric imaging of cleared tissues. However, there is a need for a flexible system that can address imaging applications with varied requirements in terms of resolution, sample size, tissue-clearing protocol, and transparent sample-holder material. Here, we present a ‘hybrid’ system that combines a unique non-orthogonal dual-objective and conventional (orthogonal) open-top light-sheet (OTLS) architecture for versatile multi-scale volumetric imaging. We demonstrate efficient screening and targeted sub-micrometer imaging of sparse axons within an intact, cleared mouse brain. The same system enables high-throughput automated imaging of multiple specimens, as spotlighted by a quantitative multi-scale analysis of brain metastases. Compared with existing academic and commercial light-sheet microscopy systems, our hybrid OTLS system provides a unique combination of versatility and performance necessary to satisfy the diverse requirements of a growing number of cleared-tissue imaging applications.

FabuLight Alexa Fluor® 594 Goat Anti-Mouse IgG1 # JIM-115-587-185 manufactured by our partner Jackson ImmunoResearch is featured in this study.

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