Goat Anti-Rat IgG Antibody (H+L), Biotinylated, 1.5 mg

Artikelnummer: VEC-BA-9400
Artikelname: Goat Anti-Rat IgG Antibody (H+L), Biotinylated, 1.5 mg
Artikelnummer: VEC-BA-9400
Hersteller Artikelnummer: BA-9400
Alternativnummer: VEC-BA-9400
Hersteller: Vector Laboratories
Kategorie: Antikörper
Goat Anti-Rat IgG Antibody (H+L), Biotinylated, 1.5 mg


Biotinylated Goat Anti-Rat IgG Antibody is used in an avidin-biotin or streptavidin-biotin detection system. These antibodies can be used for tissue and cell staining, ELISAs, and blots.


  • Thoroughly adsorbed against serum and immunoglobulins from potentially interfering species.   (For mouse tissue applications, please see anti-rat, mouse adsorbed, secondary antibodies.) 
  • Recognizes both heavy and light chains (H+L) 
  • Supplied in solution



Unit Size 1.5 mg
Applications Immunohistochemistry / Immunocytochemistry, Immunofluorescence, In situ hybridization, Blotting Applications, Elispot, ELISAs
Concentration 1.5 mg active conjugate/ml
Recommended Storage 2-8 °C; Store frozen for long term storage
Solution 10 mM sodium phosphate, pH 7.8, 0.15 M NaCl, 0.08% sodium azide, 3 mg/ml bovine serum albumin.
Recommended Usage The recommended concentration range for use is 2-10 µg/ml.If this biotinylated antibody is to be used in tissues, which may contain cross-reacting endogenous immunoglobulins, dilution of this biotinylated antibody may be made in buffers containing 2% normal serum from the same species as the tissue. NOTE: This product is raised in goat and is not the same as that contained in the VECTASTAIN ABC Kits for the detection of rat IgG which is raised in rabbit.
Target Species Rat
Conjugate Biotinylated
Host Species Goat
Format Concentrate