Vero Cell HCP ELISA Kit, 2G

Artikelnummer: CYG-F975
Artikelname: Vero Cell HCP ELISA Kit, 2G
Artikelnummer: CYG-F975
Hersteller Artikelnummer: F975
Alternativnummer: CYG-F975,F500,CYG-F500
Hersteller: Cygnus Technologies
Kategorie: Kits/Assays
Spezies Reaktivität: African green monkey
F975 is the replacement product of F500


Expression of viral vectors and vaccines in Vero cells is a cost-effective method for production of commercial quantities of a drug substance. The manufacturing and purification process of these products leaves the potential for impurities by HCPs from Vero cells. Such impurities can reduce the efficacy of the therapeutic or vaccine agent and result in adverse toxic or immunological reactions. Thus, it is desirable to reduce HCP impurities to the lowest levels practical.
This kit was developed using the antibodies that have been generated against and affinity purified using mild lysate of Vero cells. This simple to use, robust, and semi-quantitative ELISA is a sensitive and specific method to aid in optimal purification process development, process control, routine quality control, and product release testing. This kit is “generic” in the sense that it is intended to react with a majority of the HCPs that could pollute the product independent of the purification process.
This Vero Cell HCP ELISA has an LOD of ~1.4 ng/ml.

Product Information

Product Type:




2°C to 8°C


Target Expression System:

Vero Cell


Species Group:




African green monkey

Kit Components

Stop Solution

TBS Wash Concentrate, 20X

TMB Substrate

Anti-Vero Cell 2G:HRP Conjugate

Vero Cell HCP 2G Standards Set A - H

Anti-Vero Cell 2G Microtiter Strips

Expression System: Vero Cell