CellTram 4m Oil (medical), for EU/ EFTA

Artikelnummer: EPE-5196000048
Artikelname: CellTram 4m Oil (medical), for EU/ EFTA
Artikelnummer: EPE-5196000048
Hersteller Artikelnummer: 5196000048
Alternativnummer: EPE-5196000048
Hersteller: Eppendorf
Kategorie: Zellmanipulation
CellTram 4m Oil

Working with the CellTram 4m Oil is like taking a breath of fresh air. Our new manual microinjector has been designed with special emphasis on excellent ergonomics, ease of use and highest precision. It is optimized for use in assisted reproductive technology and suits all personal working techniques.

Product Information

The CellTram 4m Oil is a manual microinjector specially designed for various ART-applications.The CellTram 4m Oil is a hydraulic, oil-filled microinjector optimized for precise control of high pressures, e.g. for biopsies, leakage-free work and easy oil filling.



  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • Gentle holding of cells or embryos (e.g., oocytes or blastocysts)
  • Uptake and microinjection of small cells (e.g., sperm)
  • Transfer of suspension cells or organelles
  • Removal of cells (e.g., for embryo biopsies)



  • Improved oil-filling system for minimal interruption of the workflow
  • Coarse and fine drive for precise and intuitive sample control
  • Improved rotary knob design for better handling and easier cleaning
  • Capillary holder 4 with markings for easier positioning and defined capillary position
  • New grip head 4 system for simple capillary change and higher user safety
  • Position indicators and marking for in/out to reduce risk of user errors
  • Heavy, stable, nonslip base plate
  • Highly reliable performance with minimal maintenance


Regional Information

North America:

TransferMan 4m & Celltram 4m are unavailable for sale in North America



For Australian sales of TransferMan 4m & Celltram 4m, please contact cellmanipulation@eppendorf.de