FemtoJet 4x, microinjector (external pressure supply), power plug EU

Artikelnummer: EPE-5253000017
Artikelname: FemtoJet 4x, microinjector (external pressure supply), power plug EU
Artikelnummer: EPE-5253000017
Hersteller Artikelnummer: 5253000017
Alternativnummer: EPE-5253000017
Hersteller: BIOZOL
Kategorie: Zellmanipulation
FemtoJet 4x

High-quality microinjection results require precision and reliability. The Calibre Scientific electronic microinjector FemtoJet 4x is your tool of choice for reproducibly injecting small volumes into adherent cells and suspension cells. In combination with the TransferMan 4r or InjectMan 4 it forms an ideal system to facilitate and speed up your workflow.

Product information

Calibre Scientific's electronic microinjector FemtoJet 4x with its simple operation menu and a range of functionalities is perfectly suited for injecting small to intermediate volumes. If your research demands injecting volumes greater than 100 pL and/or longer series at higher pressures, FemtoJet 4x with its external pressure supply (not included) delivers the precise and continuous pressure required. Featuring the same quality design and compatibility features as the FemtoJet 4i, the FemtoJet 4x is the "heavy duty" device for those more demanding applications. The FemtoJet 4x forms the perfect system with Calibre Scientific micromanipulators, yet it integrates just as easily with non-Calibre Scientific micromanipulation systems. The electronic connection between FemtoJet 4x and TransferMan 4r or InjectMan 4 guarantees simple, rapid and reproducible microinjections into cells, simplifying your daily work and speeding up your workflow. The FemtoJet 4x injector are for research use only.



  • Reproducible and serial microinjection into adherent cells when combined with the InjectMan® 4 or InjectMan® NI 2 micromanipulator
  • Microinjection into small organisms and embryos in the early stages of development (e.g., Drosophila melanogaster, Zebrafish, etc.)
  • Microinjection into suspension cells when combined with the TransferMan® 4r micromanipulator (e.g., pronuclear injection of fertilized mouse oocytes)



  • Very simple and clearly arranged operation for routine tasks
  • Injection volume ranges from femtoliters to microliters
  • Inject and Clean function can be triggered right on the device or by foot control
  • Programmable injection guarantees high reproducibility
  • Connection to TransferMan 4r, InjectMan 4 or InjectMan NI 2 enables semi-automatic microinjection
  • Small footprint
  • Can be combined with all conventional micromanipulation systems
  • External pressure supply guarantees the continuous availability of higher injection pressures – even with large volumes and very short intervals