CD79a antibody [HM57] (APC), IgG1, mouse, Monoclonal

Artikelnummer: GTX80093
Artikelname: CD79a antibody [HM57] (APC), IgG1, mouse, Monoclonal
Artikelnummer: GTX80093
Hersteller Artikelnummer: GTX80093
Alternativnummer: GTX80093-100
Hersteller: GeneTex
Wirt: mouse
Kategorie: Antikörper
Applikation: facs
Spezies Reaktivität: Gallus, opossum, rabbit, guinea pig, rat, human, mouse, Porcine, bovine, Equine
Immunogen: Synthetic peptide corresponding to amino acids 202-216 of human CD79a
Konjugation: APC
Alternative Synonym: CD79A | CD79a molecule | IGA | MB1 | CD79a
The B lymphocyte antigen receptor is a multimeric complex that includes the antigen-specific component, surface immunoglobulin (Ig). Surface Ig non-covalently associates with two other proteins, Ig-alpha and Ig-beta, which are necessary for expression an
Klonalität: Monoclonal
Konzentration: Batch dependent
Klon-Bezeichnung: HM57
Molekulargewicht: 25
Isotyp: IgG1
NCBI: 973
Pubmed: 32142526,
UniProt: P11912
Puffer: PBS
Quelle: Human
Reinheit: Purified by size-exclusion chromatography
Anwendungsbeschreibung: FACS (10 µl reagent / 100 µl of whole blood or 106 cells in a suspension)
FACS (intracellular staining) analysis of human peripheral blood using GTX80093 CD79a antibody [HM57] (APC).