Magic Red(TM) Cathepsin K Assay Kit

Artikelnummer: ICT-939
Artikelname: Magic Red(TM) Cathepsin K Assay Kit
Artikelnummer: ICT-939
Hersteller Artikelnummer: 939
Alternativnummer: ICT-939
Hersteller: ImmunoChemistry Technologies
Kategorie: Kits/Assays

Quantitate and monitor intracellular cathepsin K activity over time in vitro. The Magic Red reagent in this assay fluoresces red upon cleavage by active cathepsin enzymes. Analyze the fluorescent signal using fluorescence microscopy or a fluorescent plate reader.


Background & Details

Elevated cathepsin enzyme activity in serum or the extracellular matrix can signify a number of pathological conditions. ICT’s Magic Red assay kits are used by researchers seeking to quantitate and monitor cathepsin activity in cultured cells and tissues. This Magic Red assay kit detects cathepsin K activity. The Magic Red reagent MR-LR2 enters each cell in a non-fluorescent state. If cathepsin enzymes are active, the Magic Red substrate is cleaved and the cresyl violet fluorophone will become fluorescent upon excitation. As enzyme activity progresses and more Magic Red substrate is cleaved, the signal will intensify, allowing researchers to watch the color develop over time. Samples can be analyzed by fluorescence microscopy or fluorescent plate reader. Samples may also be analyzed with Acridine Orange or Hoechst stain to detect lysosomal organelle structure or nuclear morphology respectively.



Cathepsin K

Excitation / Emission

592 nm / 628 nm

Method of Analysis

Fluorescence Plate Reader, Fluorescence Microscope


Kit Contents

ICT-939 (25 Tests)

  • Magic Red Reagent (MR-LR2), 1 25-test vial
  • Hoechst 33342 Stain, 1 mL, (ICT-639)
  • Acridine Orange Stain, 0.5 mL, (ICT-6130)
  • Kit Manual
Magic Red(TM) Cathepsin K Assay Kit
Magic Red(TM) Cathepsin K Assay Kit (Components)