HISTOPRIME HistoGreen, HRP-Substrate-Kit (enough for 1,000 sections) Result: Green Color

Artikelnummer: LIN-E109
Artikelname: HISTOPRIME HistoGreen, HRP-Substrate-Kit (enough for 1,000 sections) Result: Green Color
Artikelnummer: LIN-E109
Hersteller Artikelnummer: E109
Alternativnummer: LIN-E109-1KIT,LIN-E109
Hersteller: Linaris
Kategorie: Sonstiges
Applikation: IHC-Fr, IHC-P, ISH

Das Peroxidase-Substrat HistoGreen
– mit weltweit einzigartiger grüner Färbung!

  • Hoch empfindliches und spezifisches Substrat / Chromogen
  • Ungiftig
  • Geeignet für Immunhistochemie und In-situ-Hybridisierung
  • Kann sowohl bei Einzel- als auch bei Mehrfachfärbungen verwendet werden
  • Ausgezeichneter Kontrast mit vielen POD- und AP-Substraten
  • Kompatibel mit HistoHaematoxylin und HistoNuklear Fast Red
  • Wird dehydriert und dauerhaft eingebettet
  • Grüne Färbung weltweit einzigartig!



Peroxidase substrate HistoGreen
– distinctive green coloring, worldwide unique!

  • Very sensitive and specific Substrate Chromogen
  • Non-toxic
  • Suitable for immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization
  • Can be used in single as well as in multiple staining
  • Excellent contrast with many POD and AP substratesontrast
  • Compatible with HistoHaematoxylin and HistoNuklear Fast Red
  • Becomes dehydrated and permanently embedded
  • Green coloring worldwide unique!



HistoGreen is a very sensitive substrate chromogen for use in peroxidase-based immuno-histochemical (IHC) and in situ-hybridisation (ISH) staining procedures. It is perfectly suitable for single as well as for multi staining. The HistoGreen substrate kit contains all the reagents necessary to prepare the working solution for application. HistoGreen produces with the peroxidase a green reaction product that can be only permanently mounted. It produces with peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase substrates an excellent contrast and is compatible with the counterstains HistoHematoxylin and HistoNuclear Fast Red. In contrast to DAB HistoGreen is neither toxic nor carcinogen.

Kit Contents

Reagents are sufficient for staining at least 1000 tissue sections.

1 dropbottle HistoGreen Chromogen (bottle No 1, 8 ml)

1 bottle HistoGreen-Puffer (bottle No 2, 100 ml)

1 dropbottle H2O2 (bottle No 3, 8 ml)

1 dropbottle (empty) for the working dilution (G)

For convenience the reagents are supplied in dropper bottles. When dispensing drops, hold the bottle in an inverted vertical position and squeeze gently. To prevent evaporation, secure the opaque caps on the bottle when they are not in use. DO NOT PIPET REAGENTS DIRECTLY FROM THE BOTTLE. Proper concentrations of substrate components are assured in preparing the working solution by using the drop dispenser.

Instruction for use

Prepare the HistoGreen substrate solution directly before used as follows:

Preparation (making of substrate solution)

In bottle G (working dilution)

2 drops from dropbottle 1 HistoGreen Chromogen (bottle No 1) add to

1 ml HistoGreen-Buffer from (bottle No 2)

add to this mixture 2 drops H2O2 (bottleNo 3) and mix well.

Rinse the sections before adding the substrate in TBS-buffer (0.05 M TRIS-Base, 0.15 M NaCl, pH 7.2) or PBS by Dulbecco (DPBS) (LINARIS CatNr. GBP1622AL powder, GBF1622YK liquid). Incubate the sections with the substrate solution at room temperature while watching until a sufficient colour intensity is reached. Generally a good staining result should be reached within 1-5 minutes. Wash the stained sections for 2-5 min in TBS or DPBS-buffer and rinse them shortly in aqua. dest.

If prefered, the stained section may be counterstained with HistoHematoxylin (LINARIS CatNr EGH3401) or HistoNuclearFast Red (LINARIS CatNr EGH3403). The reaction product of the HistoGreen-Substrate is water-soluble and has to be dehydrated in series of alcohol before mounting and has to be mounted with VectamountTM (LINARIS CatNr E6003) or similar mounting mediums.

Target-Kategorie: Histoprime-HRP-Substrate-Kit (enough for 1,000 sections), Result: Green Colour [Only Permanent Mounting! contains: 1) 8 ml Substrate, 2) 100 ml Buffer 3) 8 ml H202,]
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Pan-Cytokeratin clone KL1 stained with Vector Novared, CD68 clone KP1 stained with Histogreen
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