Mouse anti double-stranded RNA (J5)

Artikelnummer: NMB-10040200
Artikelname: Mouse anti double-stranded RNA (J5)
Artikelnummer: NMB-10040200
Hersteller Artikelnummer: 10040200
Alternativnummer: NMB-10040200
Hersteller: NordicMubio
Wirt: Mouse
Kategorie: Antikörper
Applikation: ELISA, IB, ICC, IHC, WB
Alternative Synonym: Mouse anti dsRNA
Over the past decade our double-stranded RNA (dsRNA)antibodies have been used extensively to detect and characterise plant and animal viruses with dsRNA genomes or intermediates. In addition, the anti-dsRNA antibodies can be used as a diagnostic tool to
Klonalität: Monoclonal
Konzentration: Concentration after reconstitution: 1.00 mg/ml as determined by A280 nm (A280 nm = 1.47 corresponds to 1 mg/ml antibod
Klon-Bezeichnung: J5
Isotyp: IgG2b kappa
Puffer: Mouse monoclonal antibody J5 recognises double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) provided that the length of the helix is greater than or equal to 40 bp. dsRNA-recognition is independent of the sequence and nucleotide composition of the antigen. All naturally occurri
Quelle: Female DBA/2 mice were injected intraperitonially with a mixture of 50 ug L-dsRNA and 75 ug methylated bovine serum albumin, emulsified in complete Freunds adjuvant. After several boosts spleen cells were fused with Sp2/0-Agl4 myeloma cells to generate t
Reinheit: Gel electrophoretically pure IgG antibody.
Formel: The lyophilised sample should be reconstituted with 200 µl sterile distilled water. The mAb will then be in PBS without any stabilisers or preservatives at a concentration of 1 mgr/ml. As a result of the lyophilisation procedure, the reconstituted antibo
Anwendungsbeschreibung: Mouse monoclonal antibody J5 can be used for ELISA, dsRNA-immunoblotting, immunoaffinity chromatography and in certain systems also for immunohistochemistry (see references). The optimum working dilution of the antibody for any specific application shoul