DNA/RNA Shield ()

Artikelnummer: ZYM-R1100-50
Artikelname: DNA/RNA Shield ()
Artikelnummer: ZYM-R1100-50
Hersteller Artikelnummer: R1100-50
Alternativnummer: ZYM-R1100-50
Hersteller: Zymo Research Europe
Kategorie: Molekularbiologie
DNA/RNA Shield (50 ml)

DNA/RNA Shield reagent is a DNA and RNA stabilization solution for nucleic acids in any biological sample. This DNA and RNA stabilization solution preserves the genetic integrity and expression profiles of samples at ambient temperatures and completely inactivates infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, & parasites). The unique DNA and RNA stabilization solution also prevents degradation from freeze-thaw cycling and unexpected freezer failures.

Applicable For Next-Generation Sequencing, qPCR, microarray.
Device Specs Reagent
Reagent Storage Ambient temperature => 2 years
Sample Collection 10% (v/v or w/v)
Sample Source Cells, tissues, blood, plasma, serum, saliva, urine, feces, environmental samples, etc.
Sample Stability RNA: Ambient temperature (4°C- 25°C) >1 month
DNA: Ambient temperature (4°C- 25°C) >2 years
DNA & RNA: Frozen (<-20°C): Indefinitely


Other available sizes:

DNA/RNA Shield (250 ml)

DNA/RNA Shield 2X Concentrate (25 ml)

DNA/RNA Shield 2X Concentrate (125 ml)


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