MagnaLINK Streptavidin Magnetic Beads (2.8 µm)

Catalog Number: VEC-M-1003-100
Article Name: MagnaLINK Streptavidin Magnetic Beads (2.8 µm)
Biozol Catalog Number: VEC-M-1003-100
Supplier Catalog Number: M-1003-100
Alternative Catalog Number: VEC-M-1003-100
Manufacturer: Vector Laboratories
Category: Kits/Assays
MagnaLINK Streptavidin Magnetic Beads (2.8 µm), 10 mL


MagnaLINK 2.8 µm Streptavidin Magnetic Beads offer the highest biotin binding capacity on the market, combined with exceptional size uniformity. Higher binding translates to reduced bead mass required to immobilize a biotinylated sample and lower background from nonspecific binding, resulting in better signals and lower costs. MagnaLINK Streptavidin Magnetic Beads are 2.8 micron diameter, super-paramagnetic, hydrophilic polymer–encapsulated (no exposed iron), monodispersed microspheres with a uniform size distribution and a fast (<2 min) magnetic response time. They are colloidally stable with or without non-ionic detergents. The key to high biotin binding is in the unique covalently crosslinked streptavidin, based on ChromaLINK® technology. The high surface area, when combined with our efficient linking chemistry, produces a consistent product with a free biotin binding capacity of at least 12 nmol per milligram of beads. MagnaLINK beads also demonstrate exceptional size uniformity of <5% CV, as evidenced by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). These combined technologies make MagnaLINK beads the ideal magnetic bead for high-throughput robotic applications.



Bead Size 2.8 µm
Loading Capacity ≥ 10 nmol/mg
Reactivity Biotin
Applications Antibody Labeling, Aptamers, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), Photocrosslinking Studies
Recommended Storage 2° - 8°C – Do Not Freeze