TRAV8-1 siRNA/shRNA/RNAi Lentivirus (Human) (Target b) - iV025252b

Catalog Number: ABM-475810910596
Article Name: TRAV8-1 siRNA/shRNA/RNAi Lentivirus (Human) (Target b) - iV025252b
Biozol Catalog Number: ABM-475810910596
Supplier Catalog Number: 475810910596
Alternative Catalog Number: ABM-475810910596
Manufacturer: Applied Biological Materials
Category: Molekularbiologie
Species Reactivity: Human
This ready-to-use lentivirus is part of abms iLenti(TM) RNAi Expression System and can be used to knockdown your gene of interest in tranduced target cells. A GFP reporter and puromycin selection marker allow for selection of successfully transduced target
Source: Puromycin
Target: Sequence available upon placing order