BIOZOL Brochure Secondary Antibodies

Our comprehensive range of secondaries

Secondary antibodies are versatile reagents, with uses including detection of unlabelled primary antibody, signal amplification of antigenic targets with low expression levels and ELISA measuring antibody levels in patient serum.
Most commonly used for detection and visualisation of unlabelled primary antibody bound to target antigen. Secondary antibodies are conjugated to reporter molecules; these labels can be fluorescent dyes or enzymes depending on the particular application being performed.
In order to effectively detect primary antibody, a secondary antibody raised against immunoglobulin matching the primary antibody host species, immunoglobulin class and subclass is required. To reduce non-specific background staining in certain applications, the host species of the secondary antibody should not be the same as the target species detected by the primary antibody.
To complement BIOZOL’s extensive primary antibody portfolio, our range of monoclonal and polyclonal secondary antibodies are available in multiple formats for flexible assay design.


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