Use of Carbotrace 480 as a Probe for Cellulose and Hydrogel Formation... Gels, 2022

Abstract Carbotrace 480 is a commercially available fluorescent optotracer that specifically binds to cellulose’s glycosidic linkages. Herein, the use of Carbotrace 480 is reported as an analytical tool for linking cellulose content to hydrogel formation capability in defibrillated celluloses obtained from proprietary microalgae. Defibrillated celluloses obtained from acid-free hydrothermal microwave...

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Cross-linking of T cell to B cell lymphoma by the T cell bispecific an... PLoS One, 2021

Abstract Heart failure (HF) is associated in humans and mice with increased circulating levels of CXCL9 and CXCL10, chemokine ligands of the CXCR3 receptor, predominantly expressed on CD4+ Th1 cells. Chemokine engagement of receptors is required for T cell integrin activation and recruitment to sites of inflammation. Th1 cells drive adverse cardiac remodeling in pressure overload–induced cardiac dysfunction, and mice lacking the integrin ligand ICAM-1 show defective T cell recruitment to the heart. Here, we show that CXCR3+ T cells i...

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A Dual Role for SOX10 in the Maintenance of the Postnatal Melanocyte L... PLOS GENETICS, 2013

Abstract During embryogenesis, the transcription factor, Sox10, drives the survival and differentiation of the melanocyte lineage. However, the role that Sox10 plays in postnatal melanocytes is not established. We show in vivo that melanocyte stem cells (McSCs) and more differentiated melanocytes express SOX10 but that McSCs remain undifferentiated. Sox10 knockout (Sox10fl; Tg(Tyr::CreER)) results in loss of both McSCs and differentiated melanocytes, while overexpression of Sox10 (Tg(DctSox1...

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Deprenyl reduces inflammation during acute SIV infection Cell Press, 2022

Abstract In the era of antiretroviral therapy, inflammation is a central factor in numerous HIV-associated comorbidities, such as cardiovascular disease, cognitive impair- ment, and neuropsychiatric disorders. This highlights the value of developing therapeutics that both reduce HIV-associated inflammation and treat associated comorbidities. Previous research on monoamine oxi...

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Synthesis of Spherical Nanoparticle Hybrids via Aerosol Thiol-Ene Phot... nanomaterials, 2022

Abstract Hybrid nanomaterials possess the properties of both organic and inorganic components and find applications in various fields of research and technology. In this study, aerosol photopolymerization is used in combination with thiol-ene chemistry to produce silver poly(thio-ether) hybrid nanospheres. In aerosol photopolymerization, a spray solution of monomers is atomized, forming a droplet aerosol, which then polymerizes, producing spherical polymer nanoparticles. To produce silver poly(thio-ether) hybrids, silver nanoparticles were...

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Sensitivity and Specificity of CD19.CAR-T Cell Detection by Flow Cytom... Cells, 2021

Abstract Chimeric-antigen-receptor-T (CAR-T) cells are currently revolutionizing the field of cancer immunotherapy. Therefore, there is an urgent need for CAR-T cell monitoring by clinicians to assess cell expansion and persistence in patients. CAR-T cell manufacturers and researchers need to evaluate transduction efficiency and vector copy number for quality control. Here, CAR expression was analyzed in peripheral blood samples from patients and healthy donors by flow cytometry with four commercially available detection reagents and on th...

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A novel approach for adapting the standard addition method to single p... Analytica Chimica Acta, 2022

Abstract This paper presents a novel approach, based on the standard addition method, for overcoming the matrix effects that often hamper the accurate characterization of nanoparticles (NPs) in complex samples via single particle inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (SP-ICP-MS). In this approach, calibration of t...

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Analysis of Ki-67 expression in women with breast cancer: Comparative... Pathology - Research and Practice, 2022

Abstract The Ki-67 antigen is a nuclear protein with proven prognostic value in different neoplasms and recognizes the predictive value in breast cancer (BC). No consensus exists on the ideal cutoff point. In this study, Ki-67 expression was evaluated in samples of BC by flow cytometry (FC) and compared with immunohistochemical (IHC) examination. For this, the BC tissue samples were sectioned, macerated, filtered, and marked with...

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How single-cell multi-omics builds relationships Nature Methods, 2022

AlphaThera Highlighted in Nature Methods Article: “How single-cell multi-omics builds relationships” Dr. Tsourkas, co-founder of AlphaThera, and Dr. Yu, Scientific Director at the company, were recently interviewed for a Technology Feature article in Nature Methods titled, ‘How single-cell multi-omics builds relationships’.  The article, written by Vivian Marx, takes a look at approaches to analyze single-cell changes, and specifically reviews inCITE-seq as a way to multiplex measurements of a protein...

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Oxygen and mechanical ventilation impede the functional properties of... PLoS One, 2020

Abstract Resident/endogenous mesenchymal stromal cells function to promote the normal development, growth, and repair of tissues. Following premature birth, the effects of routine neonatal care (e.g. oxygen support and mechanical ventilation) on the biological properties of lung endogenous mesenchymal stromal cells is (L-MSCs) is poorly understood. New Zealand white preterm rabbits were randomized into the following groups: (i) sacrificed at birth (Fetal), (ii) spontaneously breathing with 50% O2 for 4 hours (SB), or (iii) mechanical venti...

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