How can I order?

The most convenient way to order is via our BIOZOL webshop. Of course you can send us also a email to, call us on +49 (089) 3799 666-6 (toll-free within Germany 0800) 0246965) or send a Fax to +49 (089) 3799 666-99.


 Do I have to register to use the webshop?

You don't have to register to order via the webshop. Choose the guest check-out to order without registration. Since your shipping and billing address won't be saved you will have to enter these information for your next order again.


  What are my advantages when registering?

Your shipping and billing address will be saved. Hence, you don't have to enter these information for your next order again. In your account you can view your previous orders and check their current status. If you want to buy a product again you don't have to search for it. Simply use the 'order again' button, which is displayed next to the product.


  Your product search did not result in any hits?

Try the following:

  • Check your entry for completeness of the product code
  • Remove the suffix of the product code (e.g. "-100") and repeat your search
  • Search with the product name (e.g. "CD63")
  • Make sure you selected the correct category when searching (e.g. “Antibodies”)
  • Repeat your search on the home page