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Conferences & Trade Shows

Noteworthy biological and biopharmaceutical conferences in the German speaking area and beyond.

++ We are participating with a booth only at the highlighted events. ++


  36. German Cancer Congress
21.-24. February 2024
CityCube Berlin
Berlin, Germany
  67th German Congress for Endocrinology (DGE 2024)
06.-08. March 2024
Rostock Townhall
Rostock, Germany
  DGfI Spring School on Immunology
10.-15. March 2024
Ettal Monastery
Ettal, Germany
  9th German Pharm-Tox Summit
13.-15. March 2024
Ludwig-Maximilians Universit, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Munich, Germany
  18th World Immune Regulation Meeting
13.-16. March 2024
Congress Center Davos
Davos, Switzerland
  75th Mosbach Colloquium "The Microbiome - from Understanding to Modulation"
21.-23. March 2024
Alte Mälzerei
Mosbach, Germany
  33rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Virology
25.-28. March 2024
Vienna, Austria
Meet us at the BIOZOL booth! AACR Annual Meeting 2024
05.-10. April 2024
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California (USA)
Meet us at the BIOZOL booth! Analytica 2024
09.-12. April 2024
Munich Tradefair
Munich, Germany
  130th Congress of the German Society of Internal Medicine (DGIM)
13.-16. April 2024
RheinMain CongressCenter
Wiesbaden, Germany
  German Biotechnology Days
16.-17. April 2024
bcc Berlin Congress Center
Berlin, Germany
Meet us at the BIOZOL booth! AGRBM Annual Meeting
26.-28. April 2024
nhow Berlin
Berlin, Germany
  36th Tumour Genetics Workshop 2024
02.-04. May 2024
Landhotel am Rothenberg
Volpriehausen, Germany
  40st Annual Meeting of the API (Paediatric Immunology Working Group)
02.-04. May 2024
Frankfurt/Oberursel, Germany
  SSMG Annual Meeting 2024
16.-17. May 2024
University Hospital, Auditorium Ettore Rossi
Bern, Switzerland
  107th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Pathology
23.-25. May 2024
Munich, Germany
  European Human Genetics Conference
01.-04. June 2024
Hybrid Conference
Berlin, Germany
  DGHM & VAAM 2024: Joint Microbiology & Infection Conference
02.-05. June 2024
Congress Centrum Würzburg
Würzburg, Germany
  EACR 2024
10.-13. June 2024
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Meet us at the BIOZOL booth! FENS Forum 2024
25.-29. June 2024
Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center
Vienna, Austria
Meet us at the BIOZOL booth!

ESHRE 2024
07.-10. July 2024
RAI Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  ISSCR 2024
10.-13. July 2024
Hamburg, Germany

European Microscopy Congress (EMC) 2024
25.-30. August 2024
Bella Center
Copenhagen, Denmark


ECI 2024
01.-04. September 2024
Convention Centre Dublin (CCD)
Dublin, Ireland


19th European Meeting on Complement in Human Diseases
02.-06. September 2024
University of Lübeck, Audimax
Lübeck, Germany


Joint Annual Meeting of the DGTI and DGI
11. -13. September 2024
CCD Congress Center
Düsseldorf, Germany


Molecular Biology of Fungi 2024
11. -13. September 2024
CAP3, Kiel University
Kiel, Germany


NEUTROPHIL 2024 - International Symposium
17.-19. September 2024
Biomedical Center
Munich, Germany


German Biophysical Society Meeting
22.-25. September 2024
Leipzig, Germany

Meet us at the BIOZOL booth!

German Congress for Laboratory Medicine
26.-27. September 2024
Congress Center
Bremen, Germany

Meet us at the BIOZOL booth!

DGfI Autumn School
07.-12. October 2024
Merseburg, Germany

Meet us at the BIOZOL booth!

11.-14. November 2024
Düsseldorf Trade Fair
Düsseldorf, Germany

  11th International Symposium on Neuroprotection and Neurorepair
18.-20. November 2024
Potsdam, Germany

7th Max Planck Freiburg Epigenetics Meeting
04.-06. December 2024
Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics
Freiburg, Germany