Special lamps for scientific applications

Lamps for HPLC detectors, microscopes, photometers, spectrometers and more

Regardless of whether you're looking for a lamp for an HPLC detector, a microscope, an endoscope or a spectroscope, our chromatography brand Lab-Club supplies you with everything you need.

Lab-ClubWe supply lamps from, among others, the manufacturers Osram, Heraeus Noblelight, Ushio, vosla (NARVA), Philips, Excelitas, Hamamatsu and Luxtel. Within their respective areas of specialization, each of these companies supplies instrument manufacturers with the lamps with which the instruments are initially sold (Original Equipment Manufacturer - OEM).

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Lab-Club Chromatography Supplies


Deuterium Lamps

Prealigned deuterium lamps for HPLC detectors, photometers etc., also high-intensity and UV/VUV lamps

Deuterium lamps exhibit an almost continuous light spectrum ranging from UV (185 to 400 nm) up to the visible range (400 to 800 nm). They are commonly used as a UV source in analytical equipment such as HPLC detectors and UV/Vis spectrometers.

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Endoscope lamps

Endoscope lamps, suitable for many instruments, for example from Pentax, Karl Storz or Olympus

Most endoscopes use a xenon lamp as the light source. The lamp is generally located in an external housing that is connected to the endoscope tip by a rigid or flexible tube. The image is transmitted from the lens at the endoscope tip to the monitor via a relay lens system and optic fibers. Depending on the type of endoscope or your preference, we can supply lamps from Excelitas, Ushio or Luxtel.

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Halogen lamps

Tungsten-halogen lamps from Heraeus Noblelight, available through our sub-shop Lab-Club.de

NARVA special halogen quartz lamp for projection, spectral analysis equipment and microscopes from vosla

Please notice: The European ban on halogen lamps (Verordnung (EU) 2019/2020) has been in force since September 2023. Exempt from the regulation are all halogen lamps used for spectroscopy and photometry applications and other medical uses. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Hollow cathode lamps

1.5" and 2", coded and non-coded, single and multi-element hollow cathode lamps

The most common usage for hollow cathode lamps is as line emitters in atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). In the course of time, two lamp diameters have established themselves: 2" (50mm) - used by Perkin Elmer - and 1.5" (37mm) which is used by almost all other instrument manufacturers. Many lamps are available as coded, meaning that the instrument recognises the lamp at installation and automatically sets the ideal current.

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Line emitters

For mercury analysers, fixed wavelength detectors and other applications

Low-pressure Hg vapour line emitters or sources are commonly used in photochemical processing, mercury analysers, fluorimetry, environmental and medical equipment and fixed wavelength detectors.

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Microscope lamps

Many microscopes use freely available lamps that have been allocated new part numbers by the instrument manufacturers who then resell them at very high prices. Our cross-reference list is designed to help you find your way to the correct microscope lamp and to our attractive pricing.

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PID lamps

Detection of VOCs, sample ionisation for MS, portable gas detectors, GC

Due to increasing awareness of the dangers of chemicals used in industrial processes, both for people and for the environment, the demands on monitoring are growing. One group of such substances are the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These can be detected by photoionisation detectors (PID), Our range of Heraeus Noblelight PID lamps with different energies for compound selection is designed for use in these detectors.

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Spectroscopic lamps

Spectroscopic lamps are used in the areas of optics, radiation physics, spectroscopy, chemistry and medicine.

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Mercury lamps

Osam HBO lamps, Heraeus low and high pressure line emitters

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Xenon lamps

Xenon lamps for many purposes from Osram, Excelitas, Ushio and Luxtel

We offer xenon lamps from Osram, Excelitas, Luxtel and Ushio. The lamps require a dedicated power supply which, in the case of our replacement lamps, is already present in the instrument. When using xenon lamps, please be sure to follow the manufacturer's safety instructions provided with the lamp.

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