Challenges of Neutralizing Antibodies in Cancer Therapy

Live webinar from ProteoGenix

ProteoGenix ProteoGenix is an antibody production company, based in Strasbourg, France, which outstands in unique expertise in Phage Display technology based on unique proprietary Phage Display libraries with huge diversity; bypassing the need for the lengthy steps of animal immunization & subsequent library construction.

Join ProteoGenix upcoming webinar on challenges of neutralizing antibodies in cancer therapy.

Overcome the Multiple Challenges of Neutralizing Antibodies in Cancer Therapy Using Innovative Phage Display Technologies

Webinar: Overcome the Multiple Challenges of Neutralizing Antibodies in Cancer Therapy Using Innovative Phage Display Technologies

While Phage Display panning on naïve libraries combined with costly affinity maturation strategies have allowed the successful development of neutralizing antibodies, it also leads to failures and aborted projects. One reason for this is the immune tolerance of a naïve library that is sometimes ineffective at identifying binders against important and/or highly expressed human targets. An efficient way to access high-affinity, fully human antibodies against such targets is thus essential for human cancer therapy.

In this webinar, Conor will discuss innovative technologies to develop such antibodies using human phage display. These strategies include:

  • A cross-panning protocol for a successful identification of neutralizing binders.
  • Phage display libraries to allow an efficient identification of neutralizing binders through competitive ELISA.
  • A new human cancer library constructed from the PBMCs of cancer patients as an efficient solution to counter immune tolerance.


Key Topics Include:

  • Efficient identification of neutralizing antibodies
  • Strategic development of human phage libraries to break immune tolerance
  • Strategies to augment phage display-based discovery


Speaker: Conor McCartin, PhD, Account Manager Monoclonal Antibody Development at ProteoGenix

Date and TimeThursday, October 26, 2023, 5:00 PM (CEST)

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