New MolBoolean™ Kit from Atlas Antibodies

50 % Discount on antibodies used with the kit

Atlas Antibodies, founded by researchers from the prestigious Human Protein Atlas project, is the original manufacturer of highly validated primary antibodies and control antigens.

MolBooleanMolBoolean™ is a novel in situ proximity technology developed by Atlas Antibodies that enables the simultaneous detection of both free and interacting fractions for two protein targets.


Launch celebration offer:

Until end of the year, with every purchased Molboolean Kit (Art. N° ATA-MOLB00001), you can purchase antibodies from Atlas Antibodies used with the kit with a 50 % discount.

The antibodies have to be from Atlas Antibodies' monoclonal line or from the markers found on the Interaction Atlas on the HPA website. The offer is capped at 10 Vials per customer, and the antibodies have to be purchased together with the kit.


Please quote offer ATLAS-MOLBOOLEAN when placing your order. Orders without offer number cannot be discounted. The discount refers to our list prices and cannot be combined with other promotions or special conditions. 

Offer valid until December 31st, 2024.


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