Immunoselect Antifading Mounting Medium

Catalog Number: DNA-SCR-038447
Article Name: Immunoselect Antifading Mounting Medium
Biozol Catalog Number: DNA-SCR-038447
Supplier Catalog Number: SCR-038447
Alternative Catalog Number: DNA-SCR-038447,SCR-038447
Manufacturer: dianova
Category: Biochemikalien
Application: IHC
Immunoselect Antifading Mounting Medium

The rapid photobleaching of cell probes labelled with fluorochromes has always hindered the qualitative and quantitative assessment of the label. ImmunoSelect® Antifading Mounting Medium is developed for fluorescence-microscopical use combining strong initial fluorescence with drastical reduction of photobleaching over time. In contrast to several media ImmunoSelect® Antifading Mounting Medium does not exhibit autofluorescence at any common wavelength. ImmunoSelect® Antifading Mounting Medium is an aqueous mountant which does not solidify directly, but remains a viscous liquid for several days on the slide. To mount cellular material on the slide one drop of medium is sufficient. After a cover slip is applied, the medium disperses over the entire section. When mounted slides are stored at 4°C in the dark, fluorescence will remain for many weeks.

Storage: 2-8°C
Caution: NULL